Posing and Coaching

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Additional Information

If you have any questions on my qualifications/certifications or would like some additional information about what program might be right for you, please contact me.  I keep my client roster small so that the quality of service I provide is maximized. 

There are no cookie cutter programs. 

Every single one of them is individual.

If, at any point, I feel the expectations of your goals and/or my coaching style/knowledge is not concurrent with what is realistically achievable while  keeping you healthy, I will not hesitate to refer you to someone who may be better fit for your needs.  There are a lot of great coaches in this industry.

For those who are competitive athletes, my primary competitive clientele are off-season and striving to get themselves into a solid starting physique for a competitive season.  This includes more than just the nutrition and strength programs. 

The mental and emotional season set up needs to be addressed as well.

You can't start a successful season already run into the ground.